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The primary purpose of this study was to examine the annual revenue received by United States public Community College Foundations from 2008-2009 in relation to selected variables associated in the literature with successful foundation performance. This study also collected longitudinal data by replicating and expanding upon a similar study conducted by Dr. Sharon McEntee Carrier a decade earlier. Linear regression analysis was used to collect descriptive statistics that described the frequencies, central tendencies, and distribution of the data. The researchers used linear regression and analysis of variances (ANOVA) to study the relationship between revenue gained in connection with private giving and college foundation operations for fiscal year 2008-2009, the degree to which the college president, chief resource development officer, and foundation board members were rated as playing a critical role in the foundation’s operation, the degree to which meeting institutional strategic goals was rated as an important factor in evaluating the foundation’s operation, the institution’s geographic location, size (based on FTE enrollment), size of endowment, and organizational structure. The explanatory variables, foundation operations, the Chief Development Officer’s role in the foundation’s operation, location, size, endowment, and the Chief Development Officer’s perception of how fundraising efforts were appreciated by the institutions served were found to be statistically significant.



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