Administrative Issues Journal


In 2013-2015, two faculty-led educational research studies were conducted, aided by five undergraduate preservice teachers/researchers (PSTR). Faculty-researchers designed a qualitative phenomenological-inquiry based methodology to examine the PSTR perceptions regarding their respective research experiences with faculty. Triangulation of the data was sought from narrative text interview transcripts and response essays by PSTR prior to and after each respective study. Using content analysis techniques and coding, five themes emerged. PSTR reported an interest in the educational research topic and the need for positive relationships with faculty research mentors to begin and remain active with a research study. The results indicated PSTR valued learning with collaborative peers while completing their respective research studies. PSTR related self-efficacy with research skills due to their research experiences. Results indicated research experiences as a whole were professionally and personally transformative in nature. Discourse regarding research experiences to professionalize the teaching profession in America was explored.



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