Administrative Issues Journal


In order to explore themes of privilege in regard to policy availability, language accessibility, and underlying bias, policies related to two topics of interest to higher education campus visitors, campus firearm carry policy and smoking policy, are explored to determine how Web-based information is presented to various audiences. Implications of policy accessibility are compelling; language barriers can adversely affect access to campus events and educational services. Representative samples of policies of five states that allow some form of open or concealed campus firearm carry were studied to determine possible factors of importance. Representative samples of two additional states in the more restrictive continuum of the campus carry issue were also studied as a control. In addition, policies relating to smoking were examined to determine themes related to overall policy presentation approach. Findings indicate that few Websites facilitate the provision of translated policy, and that few options exist for easy translation of policies into other languages at the point of origin. In addition, this study presents evidence that the recentness of legislative activity and desire to mitigate visitor concerns may be considered as factors impacting policy availability.



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