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Cast and crew members are: (front from left): Samuel Jennings, Weatherford, Balthorn; Randi Wallace, Hobart, Hagrithe; Tiffany Tuggle, Hollis, Dalton/properties designer; Cierra Musick, Weatherford, Rutherford/makeup designer; Sarajane Bidwell, Norman, Noil; Edward Pierce, Guymon, Shep; and Rusty Edwards, Kingfisher, Horton. Second row from left—Jakob Hertzel, Portland OR, Yesum; Anne Wicker, Cody NE, lighting assistant/crew; Rachel Giacometti, Weatherford, dramaturgy/crew; Tanner Fisher, Calumet, sound board operator; and Melissa Giles, Watonga, assistant to the stage manager. Back from left—Tyler Powell, Woodward, Cornelius; Julie Barnett, Sentinel, costume designer; Eryn Brooks, Woodward, dramaturgy/crew; Mindy Herb, Benbrook TX, makeup assistant/crew; Dayna Robinson, Altus, scenic design assistant/crew; Jess Moore, Burns Flat, Pendermellon/graphics designer/sound designer; and Ashley Howard, Fort Worth TX, stage manager. Not pictured is August Fletcher, Oklahoma City (Westmoore), light board operator.