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Cast and crew members are (front from left): Tyler Powell, Woodward, light board op; Randi Wallace, Hobart, stage manager; Rusty Edwards, Kingfisher, Harmony; Samuel Jennings, Weatherford, Buford; Tanner Fisher, Calumet, costume designer; Mindy Herb, Benbrook TX, crew; Anne Wicker, Cody NE, crew; and August Fletcher, Oklahoma City, lighting designer. Back from left-Nikki Evans-Taylor, Lubbock TX, crew; Sarajane Bidwell, Norman, Sara Lee; Dayna Robinson, Altus, scenic designer; Tiffany Tuggle, Hollis, Evalita; Jess Moore, Burns Flat, Orville; Ariana Farris, Fay, Mama Wheelis; Jamie King, Fairview, Marlene; Hannah Otto, Yukon, Lurlene; Eryn Brooks, Woodward, crew; and Edward Pierce, Guymon, sound board op.