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If asked, what would a pharmacist’s justification be for entering the profession? For many, that answer would be, “I wanted a career where I could help people.” Pharmacy is an excellent way to meet that goal, but it is frustrating at times. One such situation is when patients cannot afford their prescriptions. Even the most altruistic pharmacist cannot stay in business if drugs are given out for free. As a result, patients with no means to pay may leave the pharmacy without their medications, opting to forgo care. Of course, that has the potential to endanger their health if these patients have such conditions as glaucoma, infectious diseases, diabetes, or hypertension. Fortunately, there are existing options for medically underserved patients. Patients may contact the manufacturer for benevolent care programs, but they may also be able to obtain free medications from institutions known as free clinics. - See more at:

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