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Southwestern Oklahoma State University

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26th SWOSU Research & Scholarly Activity Fair

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Over the last few years, the state of Oklahoma has been looking at ways to reduce expenses to address concerns about a budget deficit. There have been efforts made to reduce expenses due to the use of energy. It has been said, when the lights are on, work is getting done. Running lights is therefore the cost of doing business. Our research examines the question, “is there a way to provide better lighting while operating at a lower cost.” This research examines the current lighting at Southwestern State University, primarily fluorescent lighting (FL), and a cost benefit analysis of switching to a more energy efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting source. Included in our research we will examine other literature on the subject of lighting, related not just to the cost savings but to other non-financial benefits of switching to LED lighting. Our data suggests that cost savings are plausible and, in fact, probable, particularly if we are strategic in phasing out the current FL with LED within the natural replacement progression.