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Oklahoma Research Day 2017

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Enid, OK

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March 3, 2017

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Advances in technology are changing life. Exciting careers in STEM related fields, especially Computer Science, are key enablers of these advancements. However; there is a concern that a low quality of life in Computer Science careers may be leading to too few programmers pursuing these careers, with especially low representation amongst females. One indication of this is the gender gap in University degrees granted to females, where half of college grads are women but only 25% of Computer Science degrees are granted to women. This research reviews literature related to measures of professionalism and quality of life across careers, including average wages, age, length of career, work-life balance, upward mobility, support for professional accreditation, and gender equality, and looks for correlation between measures of quality of life. This research examines the hypothesis that increased professionalism in the Computer Science career could lead to a higher quality of life, as measured by average age, career length, salary, and gender gab size. One of the best example of professionalism would be "ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct" adopted by ACM Council in 1992. Although many people and organizations have talked about professionalism in Computer Science field, few official standards of conduct are officially implemented. The research goal is increased awareness of the value of professionalism and discipline, especially for career Computer Scientists.