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Oklahoma Research Day 2017

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Enid, OK

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March 3, 2017

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Technology and remote access to the internet help improve many parts of life. One exciting technology application is machine learning. This research examines the use of a form of artificial intelligence, known as machine learning, to examine a photo and make a determination of the type of car in an image. The goal of this research is to field this software as a mobile application allowing a user to capture an image of a car and upload it. The software will then return the make, model, and year range of a vehicle. The first step of this process will be the development of image classification software for a desktop or server platform. Later, this process could be ported to a mobile platform. The purpose of this research is to facilitate a greater understanding of the applications of image processing and machine learning for undergraduate students. The focus of this research is learning how to implement the openCV library.