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Oklahoma Research Day 2018

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Enid, OK

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March 9, 2018

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Blockchain is the continuation of humanity’s connection with technology. If we think back to a more ancient era, trade was done in a very informal manner. Often the result of one’s desire to get what they wanted was with violence. Society as a whole then started becoming more formalized and grew in complexity. Institutions like banks and governments established currency, policy, and regulation. Eventually, we had access to these same institutions on the internet and the list grew exponentially. Marketplaces like Amazon and eBay made trade much easier for the common man to use and it kept lowering uncertainties of exchanges.

We now use the Wikipedia and Google for access to near infinite amounts of information. People used encyclopedias to find the information they needed before the internet was born. However, the encyclopedias were centralized and therefore was prone to inaccuracy, but the internet is decentralized.

No one would have predicted we would have ubiquitous giants like Google or Amazon after the internet was born when we had originally thought sending emails was all it could be used for. Similarly, blockchain technology is being declared the next age of the internet.