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Council on Undergraduate Research

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National Conference for Undergraduate Research (NCUR) 2018

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Edmond, OK

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April 4-7, 2018

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High Performance Computing is a topic that hasn’t been introduced or discussed in most Oklahoma high school curriculums. While students are being pushed to take more general electives, they are missing out on important knowledge pertaining to their field of study. This process usually occurs because students lack access to educational materials or because the school simply does not offer certain specialty courses. Learning high level information at a young age can help students excel in future college courses and research projects. My research is focused on providing Oklahoma high schools with a simplistic High-Performance Computing guide that walks through the cluster building process. With the help of Devin Smoot, I have been developing and testing a guide that teaches faculty and students how to build a small, affordable supercomputer using Raspberry Pi boards. Professors can use this school-constructed cluster as a teaching tool for more computer-oriented pupils. These guides are meant for average students and teachers; they are made to be informative and easy to follow.