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Fall 2019


The 28th annual Southwestern Oklahoma State University Fact Book provides a ready source of information to answer frequently asked questions about the University and its operations. The Fact Book is compiled annually by the Office of Institutional Research to assist the university with strategic planning, academic program reviews, grant writing, accreditation, and institutional information to help guide decision-making. The report is designed to help faculty, staff, administrators, and external stakeholders better understand the student body and university trends. The data analyzed for this report was collected from 2010 to 2019.

Unless otherwise noted, the information in the Fact Book is collected on the tenth class day of each fall semester from standard internal reports as well as standard reports provided to State and Federal offices. The Fact Book includes multiple data sections that describe general information about the University.

This information is public, and hopefully will prove helpful in meeting the general needs of people at SWOSU. We would like to caution the reader, however, to carefully read footnotes and understand that some data will not completely describe a situation. To illustrate, the retention rate of the Elementary Education program is presented in a table. If a student switches from the Elementary Education program to the Early Childhood program, then that student is not retained in the Elementary Education program, even though he or she is still pursuing a degree at SWOSU and likely taking many of the same courses. If there are any questions about the proper interpretation of Fact Book data, please call the Office of Institutional Research at 580-774-3212 for explanation. The office also asks for your input to help make future documents more useful.