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Current Procedural Terminology (CPT ® ) is a medical code set used for describing and reporting medical, surgical, and diagnostic services and procedures. Copyrighted and published by the American Medical Association ( 1966 and updated yearly by the Performance Measures Advisory Group (PMAG), these codes foster better data collection so that performance measurement is facilitated, and are often used for accreditation purposes to explain results and practices. Originally developed as a method of communication between physicians and third-party payers and intended to be used for reimbursement, current applications include usage in: benchmarking activities (Garber, Ledonio, & Polly, 2015), risk prediction and trend analysis (Ehlers et al., 2017), planning activities (Shayver, et al., 2011), and use of quality indicators (Shiner, et al., 2012). Kahn, et al., (2016)argue that efforts to harmonize coding, including CPT codes between independent claims databases have impacted secondary usage of electronic health record data including better operational analytics, quality improvement, and research.


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