Let’s Pretend It Never Happened

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The Office for Intellectual Freedom of the American Library Association

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From the Resolution on Access to Accurate Information: January 24, 2017, adopted by the ALA Council:

  • The suppression or removal of scientific studies and data that disagree with possible policy positions, for example, the human effects on climate change;
  • The removal of public information from U.S. depository libraries and the libraries of government agencies;

Jason Samenow is an expert. His voice is the type of authoritative source we tell our students to search out and assess when conducting research. His educational background in atmospheric science, his professional work as analyst for the federal government (2000-2010) in climate change, his entrepreneurial activity in founding a professional weather blog and working as a meteorologist, give him the kind of burnished credentials that librarians love to cite when discussing the metrics of authority and relevance.

He does not matter anymore.

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