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Mythic Circle #41


Gwenyth E. Hood


In #41, The Mythic Circle welcomes seven authors new to our pages. Lawrence Buentello debuts with a supernatural story of deceit and revenge. David Rogers explores the territory between nihilism and naiveté in a contemporary setting. Meg Moseman, Anum Sattar, Ted Snyder, Chad Chisholm, and Pawel Markiewicz all offer poems in varying styles and settings. Also we are happy to see some familiar names. Kevan Bowkett returns, this time offering, in prose, a poignant story of love and honor, playing out in an exotic mythological setting, and in verse, a humorous vignette from the life of a hero who knows what he wants and how to get it. In Janet Brennan Croft’s poem, a satisfied customer of the therapeutic culture expresses her views, but perhaps the therapist should beware. Janet also provided photographic artwork for the front and back cover, and also for some inner pages, resonating thematically with the themes of the issue. S. Dornan returns with another adventure of Mark Twain as he wanders in time, this time encountering C. S. Lewis as both observe and comment on an astronomical event that had its impact on both Kepler’s youth and the course of Western civilization. Ryder W. Miller’s story speaks especially to those of us who feel like prehistoric creatures these days. In his poem, Lamar Johnson provides another excerpt from his creation mythology. Ron Boyer offers four poems on the spiritual side of nature. Pawel Markiewicz presents a manifesto designed to draw off the energies which the short-sighted have devoted to ineffectual causes and channel them in more positive directions.

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