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Ersaist Creation Myth


Lamar Johnson

Artists and Illustrations Included in This Record

Janet Brennan Croft


Explanation of “Ersaist Creation Myth”: This . . . is almost unarguably the most important passage [in a ninety-page poem of which an excerpt is published here] in terms of exposit ion, for, to create an epic of one’s own in the modern day, is (in part) to eschew the cultural context that would be provided by society in a modern day Christian, or Hindu epic. As a consequence, much of my epic is a delve into worldbuilding and the various tales and legends of its people. The solid story is that, just as there are Three Gods, so too were there Three Demigods, and from them, Three Kings. When all Three Kings die, the land falls into war, and Three Despots carve out power for themselves in response. Tsuramesh, the hero, was born from no mother or father, hanging from a tree—he was born in touch with neit her Sky, nor Water, nor Earth, which makes him more bestial, and wrathful in comparison to other humans, for lack of their divine essence. However, one day Maeton, angered by the constant wars interrupting her libations and priestesses, decides to use him to restore order, at which point the true story begins.

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