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Mythlore Art, Issue 64


Artists and Illustrations Included in This Record

Front Cover: "Sihe halpbruder. diss ist scherpffer dann dein zung." Woodcut from a 15th century German edition of The Silmarillion, Das Silmarillion. die geschict von den elbischen staynen silmarilli genant.
Printed by Peter Wagner, Nuremberg, 1493 (Issue 64)

Illustration of Sauron forging the One Ring. This is the first of four drafts.
Illustrated by Patrick Wynne, (Issue 64, p. 5)

Untitled Illustration
Illustrated by Tom Loback, (Issue 64, p. 17)

Collection of illustrations titled "Elven Artifacts"
Illustrated by Tom Loback, (Issue 64, p. 25)

Illustration titled "See, half-brother! This is sharper than thy tongue."
Illustrated by Paula DiSante, (Issue 64, p. 41)

Back Cover: "Get Thee Gone!"
Illustrated by Sarah Beach, (Issue 64)

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