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War and Priorities


Glen GoodKnight

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Glen H. GoodKnight


The issue of our devotion of time to reading and discussing books verbally and in print is called into particular question in times of crisis such as we are experiencing now. The present struggle in the Persian Gulf intensifies a dialog, that if not stated explicitly between people, does nevertheless run continually barely below the level of our consciousness. In this time of momentous turmoil and concern, my mind returns to what C.S. Lewis said in an address he gave in September of 1939, as England was about to be plunged into the crucible of World War II. This address is entitled "Learning in Wartime" and is one of five addresses collected into one small but extremely rich book, The Weight of Glory . Then, as now, people were asking .themselves what justification is there in learning and the pursuit of the intangible fruits of culture when people were dying in turmoil.

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