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Artists and Illustrations Included in This Record

First Artist
Michael Logan
First Illustration
Gandalf the Grey

Second Artist
Thadara Ottobris
Third Illustration
The Conception of Merlin

Third Artist
Annette Harper

Fourth Artist
Mary Ann Hodge


Middle Earth. Simulations Publications Inc., Rob Mosca, Linda Mosca and Richard Berg, Howard Barasch. Reviewed by George Colvin.

J.R.R. Tolkien, A Biography. Humphrey Carpenter. Reviewed by Nancy-Lou Patterson.

The Longing for a Form, Essays on the Fiction of C.S. Lewis. Peter J. Schakel, ed.. Reviewed by Nancy-Lou Patterson.

Wonderful Wizard, Marvelous Land. Raylyn Moore, Preface by Ray Bradbury. Reviewed by Lee Speth.

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