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Welcome to the Mythopoeic Society's 14th annual Conference. This year we have more people attending from greater distances than any previous year, many of which have come to give papers. This will make for an even greater exchange of ideas and variety of perspectives. Whether you are from near or far, I hope you will take time to become better acquainted with the others present. The annual conferences are similar to a family reunion for many, who only see many of their mythopoeic friends this one time a year. I hope for those who are here for the first time that they will sense this special feeling and take part in it freely.


Mythcon 14

August 12-15, 1983 - Scripps College, Claremont, California

Mythic Structures in Tolkien, Lewis, and Williams

Clyde S. Kilby, Stephen R. Donaldson, guests of honor



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