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Whether this is your first fantasy-related conference, or your fourth or your thirtieth-a thousand welcomes to you all. Whether you come here from elsewhere in the midwest, or the west coast, or strands afar remote--be assured that you are very welcome. Your conference committee has organized this little gathering, at bottom, for the fun of it not that the chores necessary to make it possible have always been fun, but such is our goal for the conference: intelligence and fun, scholarship and joy. We are delighted that you have come to contribute to this and to share in it.


Mythcon 30

July 30-August 2, 1999 - Archbishop Cousins Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Bree & Beyond: Exploring the Fantasy Worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien and His Fellow Travelers

Sylvia Hunnewell, S. Gary Hunnewell, Douglas A. Anderson, guests of honor



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