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Nothing “halfling” about it in the end, this year we are presenting fifty papers, panels, roundtables, and alternative programming for your Mythopoeic enjoyment. 2020 was a rough year for literally the whole world, and not just because we had to reschedule Mythcon 51. Many of us found ourselves turning to our favorite books for solace, not just academic interest, in the past year. We never could have expected to be hosting Mythcon 51 virtually, but already I’m thrilled about the silver linings that a virtual conference brings:

  • Greater international attendance, with presenters and attendees from all over the world!
  • Reduced cost (in money, time, carbon footprint) to presenters, the Society, attendees, and institutions, allowing, again, more diversity of people to attend,
  • The opportunity to record sessions easily, without any extra setup, for Mythopoeic posterity,
  • The chance to share new media with each other through the affordances of technology, and
  • The “nudge out the door” (even without pocket-handkerchiefs!) into the twenty-first century as the Mythopoeic Society increases our digital presence (and international reach).



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