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This is the program book for Mythcon 36, held in conjunction with The Tolkien Society.

"The Mythopoeic Society have organised a stream of papers and several events at Tolkien 2005. They have produced a booklet for all attendees, which you should find in the bag you were given when you registered. The booklet doubles as both the Mythcon 36 Program Book (Tolkien 2005 incorporates Mythcon 36) and as a special double issue of Mythprint, the monthly bulletin of the Mythopoeic Society. It includes extra details of the Mythopoeic Society events. Other features include some memories of past Mythcons, including the 1992 Tolkien Centenary Conference (held jointly with the Tolkien Society). Among other things, there are details of the Mythopoeic Awards."


50 Years of The Lord of the Rings / Mythcon 36

August 11-15, 2005 - Aston University, Birmingham, England



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