Full Interview with SWOSU President Randy Beutler


Full Interview with SWOSU President Randy Beutler



SWOSU Librarian Phillip Fitzsimmons interviews SWOSU President Randy Beutler on June 22nd, 2021.


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Southwestern Oklahoma State University


Weatherford, Oklahoma


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Interview questions for President Randy Beutler 6/22/2021

  1. What accomplishments are you most proud of from during your time as President of SWOSU? (00:02:21)
  2. What has been your biggest challenge as President? (00:08:02)
  3. What has been your biggest surprise during your time in this position? (00:09:48)
  4. Can you share something about your relationship with previous SWOSU Presidents? (00:17:32)
  5. What pieces of legislation were you the most satisfied with from your time as a State Representative and being involved with politics? (00:23:17)
  6. Would you tell us about your work relationships with Governors Frank Keating and Brad Henry? (00:51:42)
  7. What was memorable about your experience of winning your first election to represent District 60 in 1992? (00:55:18)
  8. Would you please tell us about your experience as a high school teacher? What inspired you to become an educator? (00:58:13)
  9. What brought about your 1990 Weatherford high school class project of surveying Oklahoma legislators about Governor Henry Bellman’s performance [that showed 61 percent of legislatures thought the Governor was doing a below-average job]? Was the experience a significant moment for you? (01:14:21)
  10. Would you share some stories about your experience of being a SWOSU student during the early eighties? (01:21:26)
  11. What inspired you to become a leader in education and politics? (01:26:14)
  12. How did you get involved in the 1982 reelection campaign of George Nigh [that resulted in his selecting you as the chair of the campus chapter of “Students for Nigh”? How did that work out and did it have a significant effect upon the direction of your life? (01:28:43)
  13. In 2010 you said in an interview, “My family has a long history with this university and that heritage means a lot to me.” Would you tell us about the history between your family and SWOSU? (01:35:18)
  14. Would you share some stories about growing up? Would you tell us about the history of your family in the Southwestern region of Oklahoma and about their ranching and rodeo accomplishments? (01:39:49)
  15. Have you had a working relationship with General Thomas Stafford, if so, what was that like? (01:59:16)
  16. What advice would you give to young people growing up in rural Southwestern Oklahoma? (02:02:07)
  17. Do you have any leadership advice for students who aspire to be involved with politics at the local, state, or national levels? (02:03:26)
  18. In your retirement what is next? Do you have any adventures planned? (02:05:52)

Full Interview with SWOSU President Randy Beutler