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Nursing turnover is an increasing problem in the healthcare setting. According to Welding (2011), roughly three-fourths of new nurses cost the hospitals $22,000 by leaving their jobs in the first year. With this disconcerting statistic, one can only assume that something needs to be done to halt the persistent increase in turnover. These findings led to the following scholarly activity project question: What is the best evidence-based practice to promote nurse retention? The literature suggested several factors that could promote retention and improve the nurse turnover rate. Methods included conducting a literature review, a policy and procedure review, and observation of positive work environments related to nursing retention in the clinical setting. Although the literature review did not identify one specific, best practice, it suggested that the most influential factor used to promote nursing retention is a positive work environment including orientation programs, teamwork, communication, and adequate nurse to patient ratios. The policy & procedures and observations of nursing retention were consistent with findings in the literature. Implications for nursing practice, education, and research were provided.