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Objective: To get high school students and teachers motivated and excited about how supercomputing works, from entry level hardware to using a supercomputer for scientific research. Thesis: Oklahoma high school students will benefit from training in High Performance Computing (HPC). Many schools provide access to what would have been considered a supercomputer only 20-30 years ago. Many organizations have provided a growing number of resources for students interested in programming. But many of these opportunities do not focus on learning how to program for what is next. This gap can be filled by a motivational quick-start to NASA Data and Supercomputing Use. Methodology: This research follows and documents the work of several SWOSU Undergraduate students involved in NASA research on various supercomputing platforms, ranging in cost from a few hundred dollars up to a few million dollars. This work will be cataloged as a quick-start guide, which will be distributed to partners at area high schools for evaluation. This document will provide future high schoolers an experience that will leave a lasting impression enabling them to realize they are part of a bigger picture in regards to unlocking the mysteries of our universe. Summary: The students and supercomputers of today are the leading researchers and smart phones of tomorrow. This research is an exciting bridge to motivate students by demonstrating that programmers and supercomputing comes in all shapes and sizes.