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In almost every setting, the option to use hand sanitizer or antibacterial hand soap to disinfect your hands is available. The majority of people will often choose hand sanitizer because it is fast and easy. In this experiment, hand sanitizer was used to see if it is more effective than antibacterial hand soap. Soft-soap Antibacterial Soap was used for the antibacterial soap and Germ-X was used for testing hand sanitizer. Forty test subjects volunteered to be a part of the research project. Their hands were swabbed before testing began. After having their hands swabbed, they were randomly assigned to use either the hand sanitizer or the antibacterial hand soap trial. They used the products they were assigned, and had their hands swabbed again. The subjects who used hand sanitizer had two pumps of hand sanitizer and rubbed in until dry. The subjects who used the antibacterial soap had two pumps of the soap and washed their hands for two minutes and then patted dry. The samples were then placed in petri dishes with LB agar, and placed in an incubator at 35" C for 24 hours. Colonies were counted and recorded the next day. The data was later analyzed and recorded. This study will help determine if hand sanitizer truly is the best path to choose in order to disinfect your hands.