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Sleep deprivation effects not only the health of the heart and brain, but also causes infections and a weaker immune system, irritability reduced cognitive functions, decreased mental sharpness, lack of focus, blurred vision increase in pain numerous disease, including a certain type of cancer and physical features. In this experiment the subject were surveyed and divided into groups of three based on the amount of sleep they received. Subject will be tested once a week for five weeks. The reaction test will be performed using, changing the time on the reaction time so they don’t get to comfortable with the time lapse. The low frequency test ( from one to twenty based on the how well they can hear. Subject will play two videos one with the highest frequencies( 2DTQhY) with the volume to one, and then play the second video and start it out with the volume of five. The volume will be increased in increments of five all the way to twenty hertz. In this experiment based on the subjects amount of sleep it will show that people who receive more sleep will have a high increase of hearing and better reaction time than the people who receive less sleep.