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The purpose of this study aims to investigate the effectiveness of incorporating a multi-phase framework that involves playing various wind instruments and utilizing breathing and relaxation techniques on the pulmonary function and lung capacity in severe asthma patients. Severe asthma can be defined as 'continued asthma symptoms, frequent worsening of asthma symptoms, and asthma attacks among patients who take multiple asthma medicines with a high degree of compliance and good trigger management. Additionally, severe asthma is the experience of patients who are not necessarily therapy resistant, but whose asthma is difficult to control and manage and requires a different level of care than milder versions.' The techniques used in this research aim to help manage asthma exacerbations completely. Current research suggests that proper relaxation techniques and breathing techniques are required to produce a clear tone on a wind instrument, and these techniques may not only help increase pulmonary functions and lung capacities, but also carry the potentials to be transferred to real-life situations when an asthma exacerbation occurs. Playing on wind instruments that are specially selected to fit a multi-phase framework would serve as a motivator to develop those techniques and prevent the effects of asthma exacerbations.