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Adolescents with low self-esteem have been found to have a greater risk for low success in school and higher risks for poor academic outcomes (Trzesniewski, et al., 2006). Self-efficacy, however, has been found to be a better predictor of academic achievement (Caroll, et al, 2009). Juvenile delinquents are more likely to have lower levels of emotional regulation and there is about a 50% incidence of emotional disturbances in the large studied sample of juvenile delinquents (Quinn, et al., 2005). Students with higher levels of emotional disturbance are less likely to do well in school and to finish school (Villarreal, 2015). Students who wee depressed were far more likely to have a lower self-reported GPA or to have had a bigger decline in GPA (Frojd, et al., 2008).