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Poster presented at the 2023 SWOSU Research and Scholarly Activity fair.

Streptococcus sanguinis is a pathobiont that is the leading cause of subacute infective endocarditis (SIE) in humans. Blood transit and attachment to cardiac vegetation is a prerequisite for SIE pathogenesis. While numerous studies have identified cell-surface adhesins in S. sanguinis, many suggested to be involved in SIE remain uncharacterized. One being SSA_0908, a putative ABC-transporter substrate binding proteins (SBP) with homology to CD0837, a SBP from Clostridiodes difficle implicated in host colonization and aromatic amino acid transport. Sequence analysis showed that residues involved in aromatic amino acid ligand binding is highly conserved in SSA_0908. Homology modeling of SSA_0908 revealed a type 1 periplasmic SBP fold with two a-b-a sandwich domains connected via a hinge-loop. The ligand binding pocket at the interface of the sandwich domains shows active site architecture similar to other aromatic amino acid SBP’s. Sequence and structural homology of SSA_0908 to other characterized aromatic amino acid transporters indicated that this protein may be involved in similar function in S. sanguinis. In order to further characterize SSA_0908, we have successfully over-expressed and purified this protein using affinity chromatography. Preliminary crystallization trials resulted in microcrystals in several conditions. We are currently optimizing crystallization conditions to grow diffraction quality crystals.


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