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This is an animated rendition produced by the Stafford Air & Space Museum on May 15th, 2019:

"We have launched the most exciting fundraising campaign in the museum’s history to kick off the 25th anniversary of the Stafford Air & Space Museum to expand the current facility. The Stafford Museum stands not only as a tribute to General Stafford and the many pioneers of aerospace, but also as an institution that has the ability to leave a lasting impact on individuals through the stories and the history of the evolution of aviation and spaceflight.

The museum’s aerospace artifact collection has grown to one of national importance in recent years. The building expansion will allow the needed space for numerous priceless artifacts to be displayed. Examples include NASA’s Fixed-Base Space Shuttle simulator that was used for the primary training of all 135 astronaut crews who flew the Shuttle and a set of actual pieces of the “Wright Flyer,” the world’s first successful flight of a controlled-powered aircraft, that were carried to the moon and back by astronaut Neil Armstrong.

The museum’s mission is to preserve not only Tom Stafford’s legacy, and the legacy of those who participate in this campaign, but to educate and inspire future generations to dare themselves to be great. We invite you to join us in this endeavor and leave your legacy."

See more about the Stafford Air & Space Museum Legacy Campaign here.

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