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It was called Southwestern Normal School. Its yearbook was The Oracle. The year was 1901. Oklahoma wasn't even a state when Weatherford started up the small teacher's school. There was no campus. Instead, the town borrowed office space from a beer company. Finally, a building was set up on a hill north of town. In a grand ceremony one morning, the students, faculty and staff marched from downtown Weatherford to their new home.

On a chilly, rainy March 8, 2001, Southwestern re-created the scene, ending with a campus-wide picture. The event was a 100 years in the making, just as the senior class of 2001 is a reflection of 100 years of progress. For a century, buildings have been torn down and put up. Enrollment has steadily increased, from about 20 students to over 5,000. Wars have been fought, on campus and in the world. The names of the students, faculty and even the university have changed. Through this evolution, Southwestern has emerged as a respected, quality institution, and its students reflect that. Who wants to be a part of history? The seniors of 2001 do, and so does everybody that comes to this institution for the next 100 years…

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Southwestern Oklahoma State University


Weatherford, Oklahoma


Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Graduate Record, 2001

Graduate Record 2001:  Centennial Edition
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