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Welcome to Mythcon XXXI, situated in the heart of Hawai'i's version of "The Cracks of Doom. " It comes complete with the grayness and the mists, the blasted earth, and a belly full of hot lava-a power even Gandalf couldn't control. But while Frodo a·nd Sam toiled we will celebrate, while their spirits dropped our spirits will rise, and while they were alone we will share together. The most powerful word in Hawai 'i is Aloha. It encompasses a generosity of spirit, and a love of the land, and people. This is what we hope you will find here. You also will find a land rich in myth and legend, peopled with Gods and Demigods who are exuberant, roisterous, and bursting with life. For many of you unfamiliar with Hawai'i this will be a different Mythcon, but we hope it will be a Mythcon full of different ideas and feelings and one that you will truly enjoy.


Mythcon 31

August 18-21, 2000 - Kilauea Military Camp, Volcano, Island of Hawai'i, Hawai'i

Myth and Legend of the Pacific

Steven Goldsberry, guest of honor



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