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Laura Ruskin


When we first read the title: "The Seven Bad Pigs and the Flim-Flam Man," we wondered if authoress Mary Ramirez had chosen the right market. Then the story "caught on" with all hearers in a big way. Meeting Mary Ann, a Scripps student, we discovered she's also "big sister" to a houseful of sibling hobbits. To liven up her turn at babysitting, Mary made up stories based very loosely on family members and incidents. Her brothers and sisters listened attentively, making their preferences known. Favorite situations got many replays; the less-well-received were dropped from her repertory. The situations finally coalesced into one or two finished narratives, audience-tested and enjoyed thoroughly by all Ramirezes. We hope to be able to report someday that this delightful comic piece is available in book form.

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