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Editor-in-Chief: Todd Wiggen, Ed.D.
Managing Editor: Erin Ridgeway, MLIS
Copy & Production Editor: Lauren Bamber
Research Editor: Veronica Aguinaga,, M.Ed.
Editor-at-Large & Account Manager: Roxanne Davis, Ph.D.
Editor-at-Large: Amanda Evert, Ph.D.
Editor-at-Large: Lisa Friesen, M.Ed.
Editor-at-Large/Assistant Research Editor: Marc Leonard, M.B.A.
Graduate Assistant: Kendra Gift

Administrative Issues Journal is a university-based publication dedicated to expanding the knowledge of current issues in the theory and practice of Administration. Administrative Issues Journal provides a platform for the publication and promotion of viable blind-reviewed research, and is committed to the best practices of scholarly publishing in an open access (OA) environment.

The journal accepts articles with a disciplinary or topical anchor in the fields of Business, Health Care, Education, Public and Clinical Practice Administration inclusive of the fields of Pharmacy, Nursing and Medicine. This journal accepts quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methodology studies.

We are specifically interested in articles that facilitate the development of interdisciplinary connections related to research, practice, and teaching. It is our goal that by juxtaposing contributions from diverse sources, scholarly connections will be made that will further insights and solutions to common issues faced in the theory and practice of Administration. Administrative Issues Journal: Connecting Education, Practice, and Research.

Current Issue: Volume 8, Issue 2 (2018)



Letter from the Editors
Administrative Issues Journal Editors


"This doesn't happen here": Child sex trafficking in rural Oklahoma
Denise Blum, Tania Benoiton, and Sean Kinder


Examining the relationship of textbooks and labs on student achievement in eighth grade science
Don Jones, Marie-Ann Mundy, LaVonne Fedynich, and Anacita Sugalan


Overcoming employer perceptions of online accounting education with knowledge
Rhonda J. Richards, Robert Stevens, Lawrence Silver, and Stephanie Metts


MACC curriculum and CPA exam passage rates: An exploratory study
Evan M. Shough, Beth Stetson, Aubree Walton, and Kaimee Tankersley