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Artists and Illustrations Included in This Record

First Artist
Patrick Wynne
Fourth Illustration

Second Artist
Sarah Beach
Second Illustration
Cú Chulainn
Eighth Illustration

Third Artist
Ataniel Noel

Fourth Artist
Diana Paxson
Fifth Illustration
"The Lady of Light"

Fifth Artist
Tony Patrick


The Shores of Middle-earth. Robert Giddings and Elizabeth Holland. Reviewed by Nils Ivar Agøy.

SEVEN (March, 1982), Volume 3. Dr. Barbara Reynolds, Dr. Clyde S. Kilby, and Dr. Beatrice Batson. Reviewed by Nancy-Lou Patterson.

THE DARK CRYSTAL. Directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz. Screenplay by David Odell. Story by Jim Henson. Conceptual Designer, Brian Froud. Reviewed by Benjamin Urrutia.

The World of the Dark Crystal. Illustrated by Brian Froud. Text by J.J. Llewellyn. Designed and Edited by Rupert Brown. Reviewed by Benjamin Urrutia.

The Tale of the Dark Crystal. Text by Donna Bass. Illustrated by Bruce McNally. Reviewed by Benjamin Urrutia.

The Dark Crystal. Novelization by A.C.H. Smith. Reviewed by Benjamin Urrutia.

Dragonslayer. Hal Barwoods and Matthew Robbins. Reviewed by Jessica Yates.

C.S. Lewis: Mere Christian. Kathryn Lirdskoog. Reviewed by Nancy-Lou Patterson.

A Day in Narnia. Paul Ford. Reviewed by Nancy-Lou Patterson.