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Bonnie GoodKnight


The purpose of this panel is to examine some of the underlying reasons why Fantasy literature is written and why it is worth writing. Many of us, probably most of us, as readers of Fantasy, have been tempted to try our own hand at writing Fantasy at one time or another. The panelists here today will hopefully be able to give us some direction for those story ideas we feel we must try to get down on paper. Our honored guests are Marion Zimmer Bradley, author of the Darkover series and the Mists of Avalon; Diana Paxon, author of Lady of Light and Lady of Darkness; Stephen Donaldson, author of the "Chronicles of Thomas Covenant"; and Evangeline Walton author of The Song of Rhiannon, The Childern of Llyr, The Island of the Mighty, Prince of Annwn, and is now completing a new series of books based on the Greek Myths.

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Mythcon 51: The Mythic, the Fantastic, and the Alien

Albuquerque, New Mexico • Postponed to: July 30 – August 2, 2021

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