Mythlore Art, Issue 41


Artists and Illustrations Included in This Record

Front Cover: "The Wood Between the Worlds"
Illustrated by Diana Paxson (Issue 41)

Illustration titled "Finduilas and Turin"
Illustrated by Sarah Beach

Untitled illustration of Éowyn fighting the Witch-king of Angmar from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings
Illustrated by Elizabeth Best (Issue 41, p. 16)

Illustration titled "Éowyn & Faramir"
Illustrated by Sylvia Hunnewell (Issue 41, p. 25)

Untitled Illustration
Illustrated by Elizabeth Best (Issue 41, p. 36)

Illustration titled "Lemminkäinen on the Isle of Refuge"
Illustrated by Patrick Wynne (Issue 41, p. 46)

Illustration titled "The Lady Igraine on the eve of Arthur's birth"
Illustrated by Christine Lowentrout (Issue 41, p. 58)

Back Cover: "The Oath of Fëanor"
Illustrated by Paula DiSante (Issue 41)

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