Artists and Illustrations Included in This Record

First Artist
Horus Engles
First Illustration
"German The Hobbit"

Second Artist
Piero Crida
Second Illustration
"Italian Albero e Foglia"

Third Artist
Terashima Ryuchi
Third Illustration
"Japanese The Lord of the Rings"

Fourth Artist
Maret Kernumees
Fourth Illustration
"Estonian The Hobbit"

Fifth Artist
Peter Chouklev
Fifth Illustration
"Bulgarian The Hobbit"

Sixth Artist
Livia Rusz
Sixth Illustration
"Rumanian The Hobbit"

Seventh Artist
Tove Jannson
Seventh Illustration
"Finnish The Hobbit"


Updates the bibliography of translations of Tolkien published in Mythlore 32. Includes a “Table of First Date of Publication” of translations into 32 languages. Includes illustrations from many of the translations.

Copyright held by Artist



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