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Christianity and the Detective Story. Ed. Anya Morlan and Walter Raubicheck. Reviewed by Melody Green.

The Shamanic Odyssey: Homer, Tolkien, and the Visionary Experience Robert Tindall with Susana Bustos. Foreword by John Perkins. Reviewed by Emily E. Auger.

Gaining a Face: The Romanticism of C.S. Lewis. James Prothero and Donald T. Williams. Reviewed by Crystal Hurd.

The A-Z of C.S. Lewis: An Encyclopedia of His Life, Thought and Writings. Colin Duriez. Reviewed by Andrew Stout.

Under The Mercy: Charles Williams & The Holy Grail. Robert Peirano. Reviewed by Eric Rauscher.

Tolkien and the Modernists: Literary Responses to the Dark New Days of the 20th Century. Theresa Freda Nicolay. Reviewed by Robert T. Tally Jr.

Tolkien at Exeter College: How an Oxford undergraduate Created Middle-Earth. John Garth. Reviewed by Mike Foster

Fastitocalon: Studies in Fantasticism Ancient to Modern. Editors in Chief Thomas Honegger and Fanfan Chen. Reviewed by Janet Brennan Croft.

TOLKIEN Studies XI Editors: Michael D.C. Drout, Verlyn Flieger, and David Bratman. Reviewed by Janet Brennan Croft.

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Mythcon 52: The Mythic, the Fantastic, and the Alien

Albuquerque, New Mexico; July 29 - August 1, 2022

Mythcon Conference

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