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The Wanderer’s Hávámal, translated by Jackson Crawford; Cinderella across Cultures: New Directions and Interdisciplinary Perspectives , edited by Martine Hennard Dutheil de la Rochère et al.; A Palace of Pearls: The Stories of Reb Nachman of Bratslav, retold by Howard Schwartz; Electra: A Gender Sensitive Study of the Plays Based on the Myth, by Batya Casper; Forschungsdrang und Rollenspiel: Motivgeschichtliche Betrachtungen zum Fantasy-Rollenspiel Das Schwarze Auge, edited by Stefan Donecker et al.

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Mythcon 51: The Mythic, the Fantastic, and the Alien

Albuquerque, New Mexico • Postponed to: July 30 – August 2, 2021

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