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Artists and Illustrations Included in This Record

First Artist
Melody Grady

Second Artist
Ken Raney


Raiders of the lost Ark. A Lucasfilm Ltd. Production; A Steven Spielberg Film; a Paramount Picture. Reviewed by Benjamin Urrutia.

Tolkien and the Silmarils. Randel Helms. Reviewed by Nancy-Lou Patterson.

Aspects of Malory. Toshiyuki Takamiya and Derek Brewer, Editors. Reviewed by Nancy-Lou Patterson.

Dorothy L. Sayers. Mary Brian Durkin, O.P. Reviewed by Nancy-Lou Patterson.

The Languages of Tolkien's Middle- Earth. Ruth S. Noel. Reviewed by Harry M. Logan.

The Lord of the Rings. J.R.R. Tolkien. Reviewed by Glen GoodKnight.