Administrative Issues Journal


1st Annual Conference: Creating Opportunities 2011

As I have worked with our Editorial Board to complete our first issue of the Administrative Issues Journal (AIJ), my thoughts kept turning to the day in October 2009 when the idea first started to percolate. During a long car trip back from Kansas, Dr. Parker and I developed the mission that is the foundation for our current success: to expand the knowledge of current multidisciplinary issues in administration. The AIJ provides a platform for the publication and promotion of viable blind-reviewed research at small colleges and regional universities throughout the United States. This first issue is a culmination of that vision, and our editorial board is very proud of the end result.

As with all adventuresome ideas, there were many hurdles that had to be overcome to create this outlet for research. First, it takes a team to accomplish this type of endeavor. I want to give thanks to a dedicated Editorial Board: Patsy Parker, Kelly Moor, Trisha Wald and Lisa Appeddu. Without their hard work, this journal would not have become reality. Perhaps the hardest working members of our team are our student workers, Wendy Slater and Evan Jarrett. Their organizational skills, focus, and dedication have made this process much easier for all of us, and we are sincerely thankful. Of course, these are only a few of the individuals that have been instrumental in producing this inaugural edition.

Second, it is critical that university sponsorship be available. Southwestern Oklahoma State University has provided support, and we want to give special thanks to: Dr. Les Crall, Dr. Ken Rose, Dr. Blake Sonobe, Karen Wilson, Anjana Patel, and our talented graphic artist Kyle Wright. Special thanks to our Advisory Editorial Board, the reviewers who took time to select the articles for our first edition, and to the authors that put their work forward for consideration.

I hope that each of you will take pleasure in reading the first issue of the Administrative Issues Journal. Our goal is to e-publish two issues a year and sponsor one conference for discussion of research and networking with other researchers. We look forward to your feedback and hope to see you at our conference in October.


Tami Moser, Ph.D.



Service-Learning as a Professional Development Tool
Lillian Wichinsky and Carolyn Turturro


Novice Principals Need Peer Mentoring
Rosalinda Hernandez and Velma Menchaca